Everybody started celebrating such a prosperous day.. Some got married, some proposed to their loved ones.. Some died in the freak accident in Malaysia.

I was browsing through my FB page looking at all the beautiful 10.10.10 on goings. The pictures of the mass wedding, the proposal. The TV was on and it was the mid day news. Had no idea why I was watching news then.. Concentration was not on the TV at first till I heard.. "Ya Allah, kenape la suami Ku?" (God, why my husband?) and it was an image of a mother hugging her children after hearing that her husband had passed in a freak accident.

My attention straight focused on the news. The headline was "15 killed in freak accident on 10.10.10" My heart sank.

As usual, I can't be surprise... Bus driver was speeding.

The many lives lost. Motorists, cars and passengers. Malaysian roads are just not safe anymore! This is not the
first accident where it is caused by a speeding bus, the government should take action! This is not the first time it happened, something should have been done.. Instead of sending condolences. Do they not realize that saying 'sorry for your lost' cannot bring back the dead?

Excuse my anger.

But I cried looking at that poor little boy hugging his mother asking for his father. I was mad at their lost! I have had relatives killed because of speeding cars/busses and really it's not something to be joyous about!

Slowly, pictures and videos started appearing on every news online even FB. Bodies sprawled all over, busses turned. Blood everywhere. I would hate being there.. But those families who lost their loved ones.. Each of them crying asking for the dead to come back.. Asking GOD why.. My heart goes out to each and everyone of them.

And it made me realize. Life is too short, you never know when it's your time to go. And what happens if that was your family or friend?

Dear all, I am not writing an emo post. But I just want to make this clear.. It is never too late to live your life! You never know when your life can be gone with just a snap of a finger.

And another thing. Dear bus drivers, when you are tired. Don't drive. When you think you drive the passengers back at night.. No one is watching. Don't speed. There are many others onboard your bus for a reason. And they have family and friends who love them. Speeding does not get you there faster and safely. It just brings death a step closer to you.

The thing about us humans. We are all so concern about rushing and getting somewhere on time but we forget that we still have other lives to look out for.

When you drive your car tomorrow. Be considerate. Not only for yourself but for all the other drivers out there. Be safe. Drive smart.

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