6 Years of Love, and finally Engagement.

On 24th October 2010, it will be me and PAT's 6 years anniversary. 6 YEARS! I've never had any relationship that lasted me that long! But today, I'm blogging and jotting down this very special blog as a dedication to HIM. Pat.

It's funny how we met, I think many of you may know the story already by now. I was working part time at Italianesse during my college days, and he was then a Restaurant Manager there. It all began with the word. 'Hamster.' He'd call me hamster and said that I look like one. I was mad cause which guy would come up to you and call you that? And he was my boss for crying out loud! And also a huge push from Sofia. (My college mate) Thank you Sofia, if it wasn't for you.. We would have never begun our journey together.

Now, I tell my aunt (Joyce) everything. So she knew that Pat was in the 'picture.' She made Pat so scared of my family in the first few days of dating. I mean, Pat came totake me out for dinner, and she started shouting from the gate.. "Come Down, my fatherwants to see you." I love my grandfather a lot, and honestly.. If he gives me the green light, I trust him. So Pat was reluctant and scared at first, but grandpa was of course.Shirtless walking around the house, and greeted Pat with a smile. He gave aunt (Joyce) a glare at her cheeky way of introducing Pat. But it was fun. Few months later, before Grandpa had a stroke.. I remember him telling me how lucky I am to have Pat take such good care of me. How he would pay for my education when my family was struggling. He was always there for me through good times and bad. He still stood by me.

Pat gave me the same 'revenge' of introducing hisfamily. He had to start with.. Jay. (Pat's cousin) OMG! I cannot explain how I felt when I met Jay I mean, he totally freaked me out! There I was hosting the table and so on, and the next thing you know Pat comes up to me and say my cousin wants to see you. "What?! Are you kidding me?! Here?Now?" And Pat was so calmed and said, just go say Hi.. They just want to see your face.. Fine.. As I walked towards their table I wanted to faint. Jay had this face that gosh... You'd think he was going to eat you up or something. And gosh.. I just wanted to run! I was so freaked out! "...H...I!" That's all that came out my mouth. And of course their first question was.. "How Old are you?" The age gap between me and Pat.. 6 years difference.. So I appreciate that I am younger that him no matter what. =p But gosh, the 'interrogation' didn't go as bad as I expected. Ha ha..

Things started to change when Pat decided to head back to work at a production house. He has warned me many times that our relationship will take a huge change due to the working style. It did. It hit really bad, and there were a lot of things spiraling for me then. Grandpa had his stroke and Grandma's Alzheimers got worst. I wasn't too happy with the whole thing going on at home. Things were just ruining my emotions and I just could not concentrate on my studies at all. But Pat, never ever let me give up. In many ways that he could.. He'd stand by me and support me in many ways. Maybe to my friends they do not see him as what I see.. But his God's 3rd greatest gift to me. (1st gift is my grandparents, 2nd is my brother and thus Pat being the 3rd greatest gift to me.)

I cannot tell how much we have gone through.. I might be able to write a book then. Hah! But honestly.. There were times where he and I would argue for no reason, there were times we would go all out lashing at each other.. But at the end of the day, he was still by my side. As I look back at all the 6 years we have gone through, every small little thing we have done and gone through.. I'm thankful that he is still by my side.

Just last night, I asked him. "Baby, are you scared of growing old?" And he said. "Of course." I was bugging him while he was watching Sons of Anarchy so decided to keep short question and answer session. And I thought about my answer. Why should I be scared? I have him by my side.. Through it all.. I have him. And after all that we've gone through, after all the things that has happened in our lives.. His still here after all.

Loads of girls will be asking for a handsome boyfriend, a wealthy boyfriend. Someone who can give me all the 5 C (If I'm not wrong it's 5 c's right?) But all I asked for was for him to love me for who I am. And I got just that. I could not have asked for anything else.. But him.

My uncle (Daniel) did mention that I am lucky to have him as my future. I am. Indeed I am. And to have him support, guide, care and love me.. What else? He loves my family, me that's all I needed. And I thank God for him, and his parents of course for raising such an amazing son. He never seems to stop surprising me from time to time. I am truly blessed.

And lastly, to all those thinking why so cheesy and all. Deal with it.

And a small announcement. After 6 years of being together. We are FINALLY making it official that we are getting engaged on 31st October 2010.

And Baby, thank you for everything you have done for me. Thank you for all the love you have given me.. I love you.

~* Clare Chiara *~


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