ETS KL - Ipoh

Hey guys! I so had to blog about this immediately! I'm blogging to you life on the ETS heading back to Ipoh. Rough day tomorrow and I can't wait to head home back to Tyson. I missed that little poop boy.. =)

So anyways, ever heard of the ETS Malaysia?

It's the latest 'fast' train from KL - Ipoh - KL - Seremban. Not bad eh? Compare this train to the normal KTM this train is way faster only takes normal 2 hour journey back! And seriously the best part of the story is that.. you get to use internet onboard. Ok. Unless you have a broadband or something. I hope they start using WIFI on the train someday soon. Would be totally wicked!

But the fact that they actually allow you to use computer and there are plug points to charge your handphones, computer and whatever you want to charge la. There is even a freaking KITCHEN! Where you get free food! FREE FOOD! Now that should get all your eyes on this post now. LOL.

Anyways, allow me to blah as much as I want. I was supposed to head back to Ipoh on Sunday. But some stuff came along. So decided to head back to Ipoh on Mon then. So I actually purchased a ticket via bus (Transnational) to go back on Sat mor. Things got worst, and the whole idea of sitting on a shaky bus was just not such an awesome idea at all! So at the end of the day.. It was the train. Mom has been bugging me to try out the ETS. Now a fact that you all must know. I have a very freaking low self esteem. (Hahahahaa) I will die if you left me at a stranded island. Trust me. I need someone to tell me where to go or hold my hand and say this way. (LOL)

So being a 'virgin' may I say I was totally freaked out! It was going to be my first trip ALONE! Back home!! And further more on a public transport! *curses* It is a nail bitting experience! So the lady a the counter said so long as I am here on time and waiting for the train, it would all be fine.. So fine. ETS it was.

Upon arrival I was greeted with ETS hall full of people waiting to head back to Ipoh. Now in KTM you'd see people left confused and stranded not knowing where to go which train to take. And really no offence to KTM. But their service is so sucky and people are RUDE! This was such a major change.. ETS staff greets you with a cheerful smile and such warm spirit! So we all have to wait at the waiting room and then when the time comes, or when the train is ready.. We are guided to the train.

So we know 1. we won't get to the wrong train. 2. that was such a professional idea!

So let me lay down the pros and cons la if you don't want to hear me brag about the whole trip and further more.

So Let's begin with the pros.

Pros on ETS.
1. You WONT get lost (for people with low self esteem like me. hahahahhaha)
2. It's really clean!!
3. Very spacious!
4. Very friendly and warm customer services.
5. Able to use electronic devices on the train so you won't get board.
6. Air cond functions really well!
7. Free food!!!!!!! Free freaking food.
8. Unlike KTM, they help the underprvilleged and senior citizens onboard.

1. The escalator just was not working. (My luggage was heavy la!)

I have nothing else to hate and that's the truth and only the truth! LOL.

So anyways, travelling to Ipoh now is only 2 hours via train! And it's totally wicked! ETS RULES! I'm traveling to and fro Ipoh more often now!! I'll tell you that! =)

~* Clare Chiara *~