Nail Art - Glam Corset Nail Art

Corsets are pretty sexy don't you think? I wanted to try something different this time. Now do keep in mind. I did not edit the pics, so it may look messy. (Sorry)

So anyways, let's begin the how to's for this certain nail art.

I cannot stress how important a Base Coat is for your nails so please use that!!

1. Use a skin or softer color as the base color. I choose a pink similar to the Juicy Couture pink.

2. The side of your nails paint them black, but leaving a little gap in between..

3. Use a white color and a dotting tool and dot some white spots on the black.

4. Lastly, use the same black again and paint on the straps. Do keep in mind you need a smaller brush to draw the perfect line.. So try to not shake your hands too much. Put a layer of top coat and your done.

It's pretty simple you can add as many straps as you want.. Just depends on the space you apply. So have fun and look sexy with your new Glam Corset Nails! =)

~* Clare Chiara *~