Nail Art - Half Glam Moon

Was invited for a Glam event few months back. (Didn't manage to snap any pics thus no post on glam event.) Anyways, I wanted a simple nail art to go with this dress of mine. I read that these days the half moon nails were the 'in' thing and wanted to do something with a bit of glam in it.

Now remember.. Base Coat!

1. Use a black nail color.

2. Choose some glittery color or some color that stands out. Color the bottom part of your nails, like just the tip of it. If your 'moon' does not look like the shape, don't worry.

3. Use some blinged gems that are similar color to create the half moon look.

When your done, don't forget the top coat for an added sparkle! And your done. It's really simple to do!

~* Clare Chiara *~