Tyson De Min Pin

The many of you who have me on FB must already know by now that I got a new found love.. =p (again) Another new edition to my 'new family'. In case you are wondering what 'new family' read the next few posts thatwill be up on 24th Oct.

So anyways, I got the best gift ever. A late birthday pressie. =) And trust me, he came in a box alright!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and girls. Introducing.. Tyson the Mini Pincher.

Isn't he such a darling? Training him was a little tough. I mean his still a puppy and all. But gosh his so tiny and I was so freaked with training him. Due to the fact that he was so itsy bitsy and tiny. But thankfully his so obedient now and training him was very much worth it. =)

I just can't stop taking pictures of him because his just too adorable! *ugh* I think I'm going to spoil him max out!

This is him. (Again)

Ain't he a darling? I think I'm trying my hardest now to train him to be a camwhore like me. =p Thus the many many pics updates on him alone. (Album all in my FB page)

Let's hope his gonna be a good boy for a long time now shall we?? *pray*

~* Clare Chiara *~