14 Days Pantene Challenge.

So here's a short announcement. Not sure if you guys saw it on my Facebook or not then.. Anyways.. I was asked by this anonymous fella (you know who you are) to join this 14 Days Pantene Challenge. *clickety here to find out more* So me seeing it harmless I decided why not.. Right? Why not.. All I had to do was buy a Pantene product worth RM30 and send a photo and the receipt details. So I did..

Today, the day I prepare for my upcoming shoots.. I get a phone call from a sweet girl stating that I've been selected to join this awesome on going program.. I didn't know if I was to scream with joy or start cursing. (Which I didn't do at all) So then.. It was getting details regarding a photo shoot.

So here's the announcement to all of you reading my blog, being great friends.. I hope you guys support me with this challenge. It's a bit nerve wrecking at the same time because my whole timetable I have to deal with.. Work and this Pantene Challenge. I hope it all goes well.. *fingers crossed*

So wish me luck! As I take the stand.. *fingers crossed*