Animal Cruelty HAS to Stop!

Was going through FB as usual. Loads of things popped up. But the thing that stroke my nerve was a video post.. Titled Crocodile Tears. *Clickety Here to view the video*

It's so sad. And when I googled Animal Cruelty more pictures came up. I'm so disgusted by us human race. It's so sick in our minds that we can harm such creatures in the most sickening way!

I will try not to post too many disgusting pictures. I dare not even open the image. It's so sick! So sick! How can we humans be that sick in the head? If youdon't want to be treated that way... Don't do the same to the animals.

Have you all eaten Sharks Fins? I believe we all have in our lives. Have we ever wondered how these sharks died to feed our stomachs?

Watch this video.

I wonder.. How do you feel when you see such things. Today on my blog. I vow never ever again to eat sharks fins.

I know in many ways we have blogged or written to figure out ways to stop animal cruelty. If you want to know how to stop it.. It starts from yourself and ends up with loads more help from others. If you stop the killing by buying.. You save a lot of animals without realizing it.

Another thing I'd like to stress up on. That dog you have at home.. Or Cat, or hamster, or rabbits or snakes. Whatever animal you have at home. Know that they have a heart.. Just like you do. As much as you torture them they still love you. What have they done to deserve a hate from you? Think about it.. That animal you love deserves the respect and love just like the way you will love a human being.

Stop Animal Cruelty. And it begins with you.