Basic Guide to Care for your Nails.

I got loads of emails from you guys asking me how I care for my nails. Before I go further on.. I just want to stress I know there is a certain way of giving proper care to the nails. These are just the basics and how I care for my nails. Don't start hating! =p

1. After cutting your nails, always shape them. I like my nails 'square-ish' so I tend to shape them 'square-ish' with the nail filer. You can get this at anywhere! Don't have to be pricey or what so ever. So long as you can shape em!

2. Using a buffer, I buff the top of my nails. Making my nails have a smoother and nicer surface.

3. I then use this totally awesome buffer from Body Shop. Can't remember the price. Don't ask! =p So anyways, this buffer is totally awesome it adds a certain shine to my nails! Making it look oh so healthy!

4. And lastly, using this extra special buffer. I apply it on my nails and buff off the cream till it's glowing. Now this cream acts like a toothpaste. Like how a toothpaste creates whiter teeth, these cream creates extra shine to your nails! You can get it at any nail shop!

And your done! That simple, stay tuned still there will be more guides later on. So keep watch! =)
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