Bullying has to STOP!

There are a lot of gangsterism going on these days in school and other areas in the world. It really saddens me. I can't believe that there are such cases out there these days. So as usual was going through facebook and found this video. *Clickety here to view video*

How do you feel after seeing that video? Poor helpless kid. And the cameraman who took the video.. How mean was he to just take the video? At the side of the video, there were links to the 'bully's Facebook page.' Those asses meant to be caught and dealt with by the police! I think the bullies private their Facebook too due to the amount of hatred and anger they got from the public. But one fella managed to get caught. *Cilckety here to see the bully being caught on video*

This is the picture of one of the bully. Look how mean he can be! Holding a parang acting all jungle man! Sick! His the one who got caught from the 2nd link I posted.

I think the world should start realizing that there are such things going on and something should be done to stop this bullying from going on.

If you click on google or youtube, you'd find more videos of the insane bullying around the world. And I believe you all have seen loads more videos regarding this bullying. And to some of you I know that you guys are going through a part of bullying in some certain way. Know that you are NOT ALONE! You can stand up to the bullying! You can stand up to all of this!

And to the public who witness a gang fight. Do something to stop it! That poor fella being bashed up does not deserve being bashed up for no good reason! People are getting stupid these days!
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