A Diary of the Babysitter.

*phew* Was babysitting day yesterday. And had totally awesome fun! Of course the kiddos were so adorable. And putting them to sleep was.. A pretty hard job! Ha ha..

So kiddos came over.. To make them get tired later.. It was Wii time! Ha ha. It was so hilarious. Video is right at the bottom. Could not stop laughing! The Fiance we playing boxing with Ryu Ryu. Totally hilarious! I teared!

Then the kiddos got pretty tired of the house so.. It was Park time. Took them our park at the garden. The kids was enjoying the trampoline. Ryu being the big brother was ever so loving to Rie.. Protecting her from harms way and loads more.

Soon.. They were hungry. It was feeding time. Surprisingly the fiance cooked for us. Which was such a shocker! He hardly cooks for me. =( *sigh* Oh well.. Then the nightmare came.. Ryu was half asleep while eating. It was so cute! So wanted them to sleep. But Tom & Jerry were on TV and a whole riot started.. Getting them to bed.. OMG! I had no idea how hard it was to put little kids to sleep!! You think it's easy!! But dear God!! It was a torture! Ha ha.. The whole question like.. "What are we going to do when I wake up?" or "What happen if I wake up late?" Gosh.. I had to assure them and promise them we'd do something later on..

After 30 minutes.. The angels were asleep.

Honestly, babysitting these 2 kiddos.. Made me realize.. How much I miss my mom and grandma. Someday I'll be a mom.. (which makes me scared) but I hope I'd be able to raise kids up to be somebody in the society someday. I mean every mother would hope for that wouldn't they?

But the babysitting was totally fun and I'd want to do it again. But this time.. With the trial of my cousin sister.. =) LOL. Bring it on!! Ha ha.. Ok this blog is so random. Peace!

Oh and here's the video of Wii Moments.