The Engagement 311010

As many of you know. I am officially engaged as of 31st October 2010. =) Now, the reason why I did not share much about the engagement was because we wanted it to be a small and personal event. And really, what's the point about bragging about it right? Ha ha. =p

And am not blogging and sharing loads of pictures. But to blog a huge thank you to those who were there that day.

I know, it was such a shock to a lot of my close friends that I did a small doand not a big do like what I always wanted, but I realized that sometimes on aspecial occasion like that, it's not about the people.. It was about me and the Fiance. From today onwards he shall be known as 'the Fiance'.

I could not express how happy I was to see my family and close friends at the event. =) It did mean something to me that they were all there. Now like I mentioned I did not want to make such a big deal out of this whole engagement thing that I did not bother dressing up at all. But thanks to my bestie Kim. I even got my henna done. =)

And even gotten an elegant, grand punjabi suit for the luncheon. Which I had no idea I was going to wear that. But anyways. Less of that. It was such an honor to have Zed grab few shots before we headed off. Once again, you will never get to see loads more just 2. =)

So below are a few thank you I want to shout out to. Those whom I never got to thank.

1. God. Gosh, you have given the best blessings to me on that day. Thank you God for everything.

2. My grandparents. As badly as I wanted them to be there on such a special day. I know that that Ah Kong and Ah Ma would have been sipping some drinks on that special occasion.

3. My family. It mattered a lot to me that my family were all present on that day. I needed them more than ever.

4. Suki. Looked like an indian Girl thanks to Suki. From the bottom of my heart sweetie, you have done so much of making my face this way. Thank you. I love you.

5. Zed, for the beautiful photography you have always done all over the years. Thank you honey. I love you loads.

6. My close friends. What would the party be without you guys huh? I love each and every one of you. Thank you so much for being able to celebrate the big day with me. =)

And of course, special shout out to..

7. Kim, Thank you for being the best 'maid of honor' ever. =) Ha ha ha. I love you.

8. Pat's Parents (my in laws) for having such an amazing son, without the both of you he would not have been who he is today.

And lastly.

9. To my Fiance. LET'S DO THIS BABY!! Ha ha. I love you!

To those who did not attend or was not invited and so on. Please understand that it was a really small thing, but I promise you won't miss my big day. =) And to those who keep asking why was our engagement on halloween. Hmmmm.. Who cares what day we get engaged? Where we get engaged. All that matters is.. The love. =) *cheesy*

~* Clare Chiara *~
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