Food: Ganga Restaurant (Vegetarian)

Let's be honest, every little child hates eating their vegetables. I know I do. Until today. So few days ago, the fiance decided to take me for vegetarian lunch. (Which was a shocker to me because he hardly takes me for vegetarian at all!!) So he brought me to Ganga Restaurant. (Located at bangsar) Will post the address and contact at the end of the post. =)

The restaurant looked so small.. And the biggest most important part of all is that.. It was so CLEAN! Really, I could literally take off my shoes and walk around the restaurant. Freaking clean! Anyway.. Back to the food.

We each had our own dish. Decided to order the set lunch where they served us with brown rice and loads of variety of vegetarian dishes.

Just look at that dish will you. Making me drool mad now.. Ha ha.

They even served it with my favorite 'rasam'. I used to love that when my dad made it for me. Truly yummy. So you can mix the 'rasam' with the brown rice.

And of course.. The 'dahl' The dahl was really yummy! Include it with the 'rasam' *slurps* I'm hungry now..

And of course.. The most important flavor. The curry. It's not fish curry or chicken curry! It was pure vegetarian curry... *slurp* I kept licking my fingers clean I tell you! It was just too yummy!

Now here's a close up of the few dishes of veg that came along with my brown rice. =) There was mixed vegetables. Cabbage, carrots, long beans and toufu. With that curry taste.. *yums*

And then there was the potato curry. OMG! Ultimate yummyness!!! *slurps*

And then there was also the bean sprout dish. Honestly I'm not a big fan of bean sprouts.. But this was just oh so yummy I finished the whole thing!!

And came the dish that I used to hate.. The lady's finger. The fiance forced me to eat my lady's finger. *Ugh* But I tell you I finished the whole thing! To my surprise it was insanely tasty!!!!!! I loved it!!

And of course.. What's an indian dish without 'papadam' YUMMY!!

Oh! Another thing. They serve freshly squeezed juices there too!! I ordered the Orange Lasi.. It was so refreshing and cooling! I loved it!!

The only open during lunch hours. So if you folks are looking for a place to go for lunch. Highly recommend this vegetarian restaurant! It's so yummy!

So here's the address
49 Lorong Kurau, Off Jalan Bangsar, Bukit Pantai 59100 KL.
Tel: 03 - 2284 21 19

Have a wonderful vegetarian lunch there at Ganga!