Halloween Little Monsters

I've got a gazillion nail tutorials to upload. But i need the time to update the blog with all these tutorials. Anyways, during halloween I got this pretty cute little monsters on my nails.

So here are the step by step basics.

1. Apply Base Coat.

2. Choose a dark background color. I chose something black with a little bit of glitter.

3. Then using white. Color the shape of you monsters. The reason why I used white as the background was so that the colors can pop out later on.

4. Add on your colors for the monster and be creative!

5. Using your doting tool or toothpick. Dot on the eyes. Not all of them have to be same,their monsters anyways!

6. Using a black nail polish paint on their mouths. Not all of them have to be the same. Remember, think Monster.

7. Now, using white colored nail polish, 'dot' on their teeth.

8. Decorate your monster, give them freckles or a cute hairstyle.

9. Apply the top coat. And your nails are done.

I know my post was late for halloween. But really, these little monsters are too cute to only appear during halloween so get them done on your nails for any occasion..

~* Clare Chiara *~