In front of the Camera.

It's been years I have not been in front of the camera. But as usual, whenever Zed is back. My portfolio keeps growing.. Ha ha.

Because of Halloween, Zed came up with a theme. Fairy Tale. I mean we all believe in fairy tales one way or other, we all wish our lives would be like a simple fairy tale. So anyways, with Suki in tow. The shoot began.

Started with being a Forest Nymph.

DO NOT ASK ME what a Forest Nymph is. Below is the explanation. (Click on the picture for the website.)

Was pretty impatient with the eye make up, Suki had to draw some vines on my face so took a longer time. But at the end, the picture turned out awesome! =) And I'm loving it.

Then came the Fairy Tale Pic.

Zed wanted me to wear a wedding dress.. I nearly chopped his head off. But I can't complain about the pics. Totally loving them!

Oh well.. Call me vain for all I care. =)

~* Clare Chiara *~