iPod Nail Art

I love everything Mac. I think every gadget I have is all Mac now. =p Anyways, so I decided to iPod my nails! Since I love music and so on. =p And this is how to do it. It's the most simplest nail art ever!! And you can iPod your nails too!

You don't need any tools at all. Just colors. =)

- Base Coat
Remember if you want shiny, healthy looking nails. Always apply the base coat.

- Colorful Base Color
I used all sorts of color. Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green and Orange.

- White circle
Using your white nail polish, dot on a circle at the bottom part of your nails.

- Black Screen
Using a black color, paint on the screen. Shaped of a rectangle.

- Dot on the center button
Using the same colors as your nails dot a smaller dot on the white area. Showing as the center button of the iPod.

- Top Coat
And your done!

It's that simple to do! You don't have to be a professional nail artist to get these



sugarmouse said...

awww!!! SO CUTE! :D what a cool idea. thanks for sharing!

Clare Chiara said...

No problem! =) Planning to post some easier ones soon too!! Thanks for stopping by!! =)