Kawaii Cupcake Nails.

Hey guys, here's another nail tutorial. *ugh* Once again I have not had the darndest time to blog. Do forgive me for that. However, if you guys want to be updated with ongoing in my life. Follow me on my Twitter or check out my Facebook.

So anyways, this is a pretty interesting nail art. It's got loads of colors and honestly, it's pretty easy to do. So here are the things you need.

1. Top Coat, A background color (not too bright, not too light), A brown (base of the cupcake), And colors for your icing (choose whatever color you like), Black (for the eyes), white for the highlights and color mixture.

2. As many of you know, I insanely love the color blue! =) So I used that as my background color.

3. Next I used brown as the base of the cupcake. (The shell??) I mixed a little bit of white with the brown so the color looks a little more 'sweet'? Ha ha.

4. Than, using a brown without mixing the white. Use it as a shading. Draw a few lines across the 'cup'. Now, if you don't have a fine brush for it. Not to worry, toothpick helps! Really it does!

5. A choice of your color for the icing. I used pink for my thumb. Now again mix the color with a little bit of white to add a sweeter color and the darker pink that is not mixed with the white use it as a shading. Dab on icing on top of your cup. It does not have to be perfect. I mean, seriously, is your cupcake in a perfect shape? So once your done, let it dry for at least 5 minutes.

6. Using the black dot on the eyes and the mouth. And use white to dot smaller eye balls for your cupcake. =) If you do not have a doting tool. Seriously, use a toothpick! It's pretty handy!

7. Once your done, add on some gemstones. So it looks more interesting.

8. Oh! And do add a little bit of blush for your cupcake. Use white or a lighter pink. So it looks way cuter! Kawaii!

Do keep in mind you don't need to stick to one color on all your nails. Mix and match, be creative. Choose the weirdest color! Make it interesting!

And after that. The last part. DO NOT FORGET THE TOP COAT! And your done! Do your own nails for your birthday or a friends birthday. It's so interesting and easy to do. So have fun!

~* Clare Chiara *~