Late Post: SOA Harley to PD

It's been a while I have not gone for any harley rides with the SOA. It's their new nick 'harley gang' name. Short for Sons of Advertising. Following that TV series Sons of Anarchy.

Anyways, this time was a short trip. To KLIA to pick Jay & Nam and then off to PD for breakfast.. Why we do these things... Moe got his bike back from the garage and ever so keen wanted to ride it... So thus the ride. And it just so happened we got to ride to PD for breakfast.

This is Moe and his REALLY COOL bike. He looked small on the bike, but oh well.. Suits him just fine.

It was raining, drizzling, raining and drizzling. Fiance and I were in the sports car, we have always loved the wind on our faces and so on.. But thanks to the rain, the hood was up till after breakfast. After breakfast, I didn't care if the sun was too hot. I wanted the bloody hoot down. Stupid rain!

Arrived at PD and at normal cafe food. Wonder what's so special about that food? Ha ha... But it was the ride that mattered.

I realized I'm the photographer for loads of their harley rides these days. *stress* But honestly, I just enjoy taking mad photographs of them on their bikes. And me and the fiance. =) But mostly, to tell you all that Harley's are COOL! Ha ha ha.. damn 'beng' Ha ha..

If you guys wanna see more pics on the Harley Ride. Clickety Here.

~* Clare Chiara *~