Miami Ink vs LA Ink

As many of you know.. I LOVE Tattoos. And I've got like about 4 tattoos on me for now.. So obviously.. I fell insanely in love with the TLC TV Series Miami Ink & LA Ink. Gosh.. This time around.. I was just testing out my nail art skills. So decided to do a freehand for fun nail art.

This won't be a tutorial. Sorry. =(

So this as what I did.. *sigh* Simple I know.. Gotta get inspired... *yikes*

Due to the fact I use my right hand often.. I realized it was going to be a hassle to do the same exact nail art on my right hand too!! So I decided to change my nail art in the end.. Till I figure out a proper way of doing the nail art. =)

But so far. For Miami Ink. I insanely am in love with Ami James. His creativity is beyond words. So the reason why I did MiAmi insteadof Miami was cause.. AMI stood for Ami James. Call me weird.. =p

As for LA Ink. Started of with Kat Von D. OMG! She's just HOT from head to toes! I loved that she had stars tattoed on her face.. So using that as her trademark.. I did that on the LA Ink nail.

I only did the art on my thumb and ring finger. *sigh* But looks like I need more motivation to get this nail art done proper.

Till the time comes.. I shall post the tutorial for this nail art once again. =) Promise