Nail Tutorial: Inspired by Alice in Wonderland

Have you guys watched Alice in Wonderland? Well sorry for being late. I wanted to post this sooner but just never had the darndest time to do so.

Anyways. I have always loved Alice in Wonderland the CARTOON. I find her so cute and adorable and pretty much blonde at the same time. But oh well, the whole storyline was interesting. And that Queen of hearts. What a meanie she can be! I extremely loved the Mad Hatter. His character was just way wicked and adorable!

Then came the movie from Tim Burton who refreshed memories of Alice. And Yummylicious Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter.. MAD LOVE ok! The movie was just fantastic! If you guys have not watched the movie. Please go watch. My post is late already, and you have not watched it.. Your so outdates! Ha ha ha..

So anyway, this time around. I decided to do a Alice in Wonderland inspired nail art. I actually saw the video on how to create this nail art. Forgot what it was called. I wanted to link it to the blog. But forgive me... I lost that video.

Anyways, below are the step to step guideon how to do this nail tutorial that I learnt via YouTube. So let's begin.

- I stress on how important it is to apply base coat!

2. Base Color
- I chose a blue is similar to Alice's dress and the ring finger I applied a white base. Cause I'm doing a different design in that.

3. Using a white, color the tip half ways. And on the ring finger use a black and get your nails checkered style? Ha ha.. So hard to explain. Look at the pics to get a rough idea.

4. Using a brush (or a toothpick) Draw the lace at the corner of the already tipped white area. And on the ring finger. Draw a golden colored crown.

5. Lastly using a black or red. Draw on shapes of Diamond, Spade, Ace & Heart on the white part of your nail. And on the crown. Apply some red gemstones. Honestly use a toothpick to draw the shapes. It's way easier. You have no idea how many times I had to reapply this nail art again and again to get it right.

6. And lastly. Apply the top coat and your done.

It's that simple! Oh by the way, my friend told me I should ask you guys what next nail art you would like to see on my blog. So just let me know.. And I'll see if I can work some magic. Haha! Till the next update!

~* Clare Chiara *~