Nail Tutorial: Retro Polka Dot

I wanted my nails to be colorful for the next few days. I need color in my life for the time being. Then again, my life is colorful! So here it is the Retro Polka Dot.

1. Base Coat.
- I'm using the calcium base coat. Helps keep the nails extra shiny. *winks*

2. Base Color (White)
- If you want your color to stand out. Always use white so that the other colors looks way nicer.

3. Red Polka Dot
- Using a dotting tool (You can use a toothpick too) Start dotting on the polka dots! Make sure you create a straight colored polka dot!

4. Orange!
- Using orange. Dot it right next to the red.

5. Yellow
- Choose a yellow and dot it right on the other side of the red.

6. Blue
- Blue is my favorite color just so you know. And dot it right next to the orange.

7. Green
- And the last color of all. Dot it right next to the yellow.

8. Top Coat
- Apply the top coat and your done! Your nails will end up looking retro colorful! *woohoo*

It's that simple. And your done! So enjoy your whole colorful week peeps!

And remember, if you want to learn to do something. Just ask. And I'll try to make my magic. =)

~* Clare Chiara *~