Stop Child Abuse

There has been many cases of child abuse lately. It's beginning to once again cause a lot of deaths to innocent children being murdered or harmed. It's such a sad thing honestly. I mean you tend to think how could parents or guardians of a child torture such a innocent child?

I'm not sure if you all have ever heard of the Kelsey Briggs story? Her story touched a lot of people. And her story was insanely painful to watch. She was tortured and killed. By her Stepfather. And what did her mother do.. Nothing.

Every parent has a way of lashing out their anger sometimes.. Every parent always seem to have a shitty day returning home and lashing out at the young one. But one thing those parents don't realize. That child is so innocent. What have they done to deserve it? What have they done to deserve being tortured?

No matter how many times you torture your child, abuse your child. They still return to you.. For love. Because to a child, you are their loved ones. They know nothing more than that. You are the only one they have. And yet, to see all these news about children being tortured and abused.. Have the parents no idea that at the end of the day, the pain that the child goes through.. He / She still loves you.

God's greatest gift to the world are little children. And these little children are the ones who teach a lot of adults about love, care and joy. And as the child grows up.. they become somebody in the future. Or a someone.

It's now up to you to stop child abuse. Do your part, as an adult, parent or a babysitter. Report a case if you see a child being abused. They do not deserve this. And remember. Each time you raise your hand to hit a child.. Think, they still love you after torturing them.. Do they deserve that pain when they return you their love.