Su Ning's BIG Day!

Such a beautiful wedding reception! A big shout out to Su Ning and Terry! Thanks for inviting the Fiance and me to your most meaningful day in your life!! Was such an honor to be there.. And gosh.. Su Ning looks so amazing in her beautiful simple wedding dress. =)

Now, I was extra happy for the fact that the Fiance actually wore a coat with shirt! So HOT! =p I hardly get to see him all dressed up for occasions these days. To him, shorts and t-shirts seem to be the in thing. God bless him for being humble. *Love* But honestly. Was insanely happy when he dressed up for the wedding! =) Ultimate hotness!

I think we all had an awesome night that night. =) Met Moe's bestie Justin & his wife Peaches.. Gosh she is BEAUTIFUL & STUNNING! Gorgeous!

I'm a bad photographer. =(

Oh and Joanne!! Joanne is a long lost colleagues of the Fiance.. She's so pretty!! Dave was being the usual Dave with his jokes. Won't be a party without him.

And the stunning couple. I have never EVER in my life of knowing Tek Nam.. Ever seen him all dressed up! Gosh, the Fiance needs to take a 101 dress up class from him. And Sharon. WOW I tell you!! She looks extra HOT & Sexy!! =) Don't you agree?? And when I took this pic of them.. They both look so cute together!! Mad cuteness.

Anyways, one last shout out to Su Ning! Congratulations to you and Terry!! May you celebrate the new life as newly weds with loads of love and joy, care and understanding!!