Sweetheart Bling Nails

Have you guys ever seen massive blinged up nail art? So I'm an insane bling lover. I bling whatever I can. My next project is my camera. That is if my fiance will allow me to bling my camera. So anyways, these nails are perfect for a grand event. Dinner or just for a fancy smancy party. =) Their easy to do, it does not require you to do any nail art.. Just pasting on the bling.

1. Base Coat.

2. Apply a light colored base color. I chose a 'soft-ish' pink.

3. Use a darker pink, and just create some triangular designs at the tip and the bottom of your nails.

3. Start with the biggest bling. Put it whereyou want it to be on your nails. I chose pink. I hate pink but, I had to.. It was the only color that would look interesting.

4. Using a smaller bling. I used a silver bling. They are supposed to be the 'petals' of the bigger bling. So it looks more like a flower I guess?

5. Use a bigger bling. I used the red one. To make the petals pop and look way interesting. You'll get it later on.

6. Using the gold beads.. create the outline of your flower.

Apply a it more rhinestones to your nails. Final move is to put on the top coat and your done! It's that simple honestly. Try not to apply too many coats of the top coat because it tends to cover the shape of your rhinestones. Apply at least 2 coats.

Make sure you get a proper top coat. So that your rhinestones stay secured on your nails.

~* Clare Chiara *~