10 Reasons Why I HATE Facebook

Facebook has been getting on my nerves lately. Then again. I need to state this before you guys jump into conclusion. I am not dissing Facebook, or finding fault with Facebook. But these are the problems I face in Facebook. I don't know about you.


Here are my..

1. Facebook Chats
Is there no privacy? I am on Facebook but, I don't want to chat with all of you.. Just some.. So stop chatting. And the Facebook chat pretty much sucks because sometimes the message just does not get across.

2. Facebook Events
Stop inviting me for events Via Facebook! What makes you think I have time for all these events. More over it's flooding my Facebook. If you want to promote your pub or bar or what so ever. GET A FREAKING BLOG! Stop inviting me for your stupid useless events. I don't care!! *ugh*

3. Tagged Photos
Have you ever had an ugly picture of you tagged? Or than again, your High School Pictures. Or even clothes? Come on guys, please.. Tag a nicer pic for crying out loud! *ugh* And really to all you boutique owners or online sales person. PLEASE STOP TAGGING ME ON YOUR PRODUCT! Is my face on your product? Do you see my name of face on your F**king product! Stop tagging those pictures damn it!!

4. Birthdays on Facebook.
"How could you not know it was my birthday? Did you not see it on Facebook? Everybody wished me except you!" You have got to be kidding me!! *ugh* Oh and on my birthday.. I love you all thank you for the 1,349 birthday wishes. But.. Gifts would have been better. =)

Stop random commenting on my status or my photo. Seriously.. Have you guys ever ever ever read what the status or saw what the picture was? Instead of suddenly randomly commenting something stupid. Don't make sense does it now? Stupid!

6. Sex Perverts
The amount of comments I had to delete from my facebook. *sheesh* People. I will NEVER post a naked picture of me. So please.. Stop dreaming and hoping for a naked picture. GET A LIFE!! And really, if your actually that horny. Please.. Go get yourself a girlfriend to f**k. They'd care more than I would!

7. Facebook Games.
Thank you for all the free gifts for the games. But really, I'm not interested in ALL the games. So stop sending me requests to be my neighbor or help you plant a plant or feed your pet. It's annoying! I have a life and it revolves around work! So I've got more important things to do than play facebook games. You sad sad sad people!

8. 24/7 on Facebook!
What makes you think I am on Facebook 24/7? What makes you think that because I have a Facebook account, you expect me to know what the hell is happening in your life?! What makes you think I just have that much freedom and time to keep myself updated with YOUR LIFE?! Come on man!

9. Busy Body = Gossiper = You so need a life!
Stop trying to tell me what you found out from another person. Or what you found out from that person's facebook. What makes you think I would want to know? I mean if I did.. I'd just shut up about it! And really stop gossiping on Facebook. It's annoying!!

Everybody can like what your status say, or your photo or post. But where in the world is the dislike button?! Where the hell is the bloody dislike button?? I hate this!! How do you dislike it? *ugh* I think Facebook just did not want us to get on war.. Thus the Dislike button.. Damn it! COME ON!

So these are my 10 reasons why I hate Facebook. What's yours? Special thanks to Zed for the photographs and the editing.