How to Clean off your nail Varnish

So there are times where struggle cleaning up our nail varnish. I used to just blob on loads of varnish remover on my cotton wools and still some nail varnish was still left on my nails which really got on my nerves. And the amount of nail varnish being used and finished! Got on my nerves.

So I got some simple tricks up my sleeves and it helps to save the load of nail varnish remover. Hope it helps you people too! =)

So I cut off my big cotton wool into 4 sections.

Applying a bit of nail varnish on the cotton wool I leave it on my nail for a while.

After around 20 seconds I just swipe the cotton wool off my nails. And as you can see practically all the nail varnish is gone!

Using the same cotton just clean up the sides. Look how clean the nails are! And their that simple to clean too!

Without having to rub and rub. Or pouring loads of nail varnish remover.. Try this simple tricks. It's so easy to get rid of it! And it's so simple to just clean up your nails and get the next nail art done!
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