Kancil Awards & Bar Hoping

My first time attending the award ceremony. I know every year people are supposed to go for some award ceremony and all but we just had the darndest time to go for all things things. So for me it was my first time.

Decided to get myself all glamed up. *ya right* Never got to do that actually. Was forced to get ready at work. Cause well the awards on a work day! So DUH! Sad part, was not given a chance to get my hair done. *sobs* I wanted so badly for my hair to look perfect. But oh well, the make up managed to hide the hair horror. *vain*

Ramesh (the marketing exec for Directors Think Tank) *chehwah giler introduction* was the earliest there. So the Fiance and I had to rush there too.. Cause Ramesh (kononya shy) was rushing us. Upon arriving.. We had to wait and wait and wait for the rest to come.. Which was like 1 and a half hours! It was insane waiting for them OK! I was in 4 inch heels and it was killing my feet!

I know I kept twitting that I was at the Kancil awards and Mag replied me saying that Zuan was there. I was so thrilled cause at least I knew someone there too!! =p So I SMS Zuan asking where he was and he came out with a BRONZE Kancil Award!! *woohoo* Congrats Zuan.. So proud of you!! =)

I look so big in the pic! Curse the Fiance for not knowing how to take nice pics! =(

Was extra thrilled to find out that Think Tank got recognition for winning loadsa awards. Especially for our 'Sambal Digi' ad. =) Was so exciting! We all went screaming and cheering away.

At the end of the night, I think we were there mostly for the food. Ha ha.. =p There was a red carpet. So I found out that Steve (the art director) is sucha camwhore! Ha ha. He dressed up looking like a Hong Kong celebrity and wanted to have loadsa pics of him taken. Ha ha. But managed to snap his wife more instead. Thanks Salina!

After the Kancil Awards we went bar hoping. Really. Literally we went BAR HOPING! Ha ha. It was Affendi's birthday the next day too. So at 12 am sharp we were all singing happy birthday to him at 21 (the place ar, not the age of Affendi) I know we started at 21, went to Tom, Dick & Harry's and ended up the bar few doors away from TDH. *sigh* So the alcohol too was insane! Ha ha. But twas a great night. Nothing important and major. But just twas a great night. =)

So.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AFFENDI! Oh and the next post.. Is about Affendi's birthday in Melaka. Stay Tuned!