Korean Seaweed

I've been wanting to post this blog for ever. But never had the chance too. Was either too lazy or never had rice. =p

So anyways.. introducing the most simplest meal to have for lunch or dinner. That's if you are THAT LAZY la. I got this Korean Seaweed from Jusco. This retail person was all up in my face, so I thought to get rid of them just buy it so she'd go off.

Never knew what to do with it. So I finally got the white rice. Now, I always have rice left overs. So.. This wasthe perfect meal to make.

Get this Koren Seaweed from Jusco Supermarket.

If you are really that dumb and have no idea what to do with the seaweed. Look at the back for guidance.

Main ingredient for this is rice. So please people, bring out your left over cooked rice.

Now pour on the seaweed.

I love em seaweed so I tend to pour a little bit titsy more. =) Now mix em all up. And there you have it. Lunch is served.

It's that easy to make right? And oh so tasty! You guys should try it!! I'm telling you!! =p