A long 5 hours just to reach MELAKA!

After the Kancil Awards, I know Fiance and I headed home at 3AM. The next day I had something to do so only had like 2 hours sleep. *sigh* Oh well. Shall not talk about that around 4pm we decided to have a Harley Ride to Melaka forAffendi's birthday.

Now many of you may not know who Affendi is. His the president of SOA. (Son's of Advertising.) What is SOA? They are a group of Harley riders who work in the advertising industry.

Anyways, it was a tiring trip for me that is. I know the whole day i was having a 5 cent face due to exhaustion from the trip. I was in the van with the kids. I tend to become the babysitter all the time. But still enjoying doing that! =)

Whole trip started off fun! And exciting. Kids even asked if I could paint their faces. In the moving car as usual. Aunty Clare did some magic. Drawing everything they wanted on their face.. Everything they asked for..

But the worst part of this whole trip was.. Subash (the location manager) took us on a 5 hour ride in Melaka. We got lost, lost our way to the location and was late for Affendi's birthday. *sigh* But at least we got to eat..

Was too tired..But didn't bother wei!! Ha ha.. Oh well, Melaka in 5 hours.. *sigh*