Nail Tutorial: Christmas Week 1

Christmas is coming! I'm so excited. But due to work, my Christmas started to fade slowly. *sigh* So to bring back my Christmas spirit. Why not we try to bring back a little bit of spirit starting with the nails..

1. Base Coat.

2. Apply Either a Red or Green base color. I choose red. Just to add some extra attention!

3. Using a dotting tool. Use a white and dot a dot on the side of your nails.

4. Again using the doting tool draw 3 lines.

5. And then draw some arrows facing the circle. And there.. You have a small half snowflake.

6. Because I wanted a little glam to the nails. I added a small little gem stone on the dot.

7. Lastly apply the Top Coat and your done! It's that simple.

So, what do you guys think? My Christmas spirit will come back soon? Ha ha, I hope so. I pray so.. *fingers crossed*

Anyways, do stay tuned the blog. I will try my hardest to post 2 or 3 weeks of Christmas nail art. Note and stressing on the word. TRY! Ha ha.