Nail Tutorial: Christmas Week 3

It does not snow here in Malaysia. If only it did. I bet you we'd all be some stylish fashionistas strutting the streets with our winter wear. *sigh* If only it snowed here.

Decided to create the lonely snowman on my nails. Well. I didn't want it to look too over the top nail art anyways. So here is my lonely snowman.

1. Base Coat.
I seem to be a nag telling you guys base coat is important!!

2. I chose a dark colored back ground so that my white is able to stand out.

3. Dot on 2 dots. Bottom bigger and the top a little bit smaller dot than the bottom one.

4. Using a toothpick or a brush. Draw a small red scarf and his small little red hat.

5. Using the toothpick or a dotting tool. Dot on the eyes and if you really want to draw on his hands too!

6. And finally a top coat to make it extra nice! =)

And your done! It's that simple don't you think? Didn't want to make some over the top nail art. But I promise when I have the time to.. I will. I promise.