Nail Tutorial: Red Water Marbling *Christmas Nail Art Week 2*

Decided to change my nail art. The snowflake was just too simple. And it does not snow here in Malaysia. *sigh* I wish it did.

Anyways, I decided to do water marbling yet again.

I know a while back I posted a Blue Marbling, well it's the same technique. So if you want to learn to get the water marbling.. *clickety here*

So anyways, water marbling is something pretty hard to do. Trust me. I was struggling with it. And it's totally messy. Really it's insanely messy!

This time around, I decided to add on some dots. Just to make it look different la. *kononya* Aha ha ha. And I used the Christmas - ish color. Red and white and some silver too..

What do you guys think? I think I got my nails right this time. *yeah* Got the right nails. And OMG 2 nails art in A DAY?! How sad.