Annual Dinner @ Rama V

Ok, so it has become a habit for Think Tank to have an annual dinner every year now. *shocker* Kidding. Oh well so dinner was held at RAMA V. The fine dinning Thai Restaurant. Now, I think I have blogged about the place before. They served really yummy food there. So it was cool that we had our annual dinner there too.

It was kinda like a dinner for Christmas and also the day to exchange gifts!! We had this secret santa thing going on. Just so happen on that day, I had my hair done by Uncle Fred from Le'vie. So I got to camwhore. =p So here's the first camwhore picture. =)

Anyways, it was a fun dinner. Fun and interesting. See the thing is, we each had to stand up and give like a speech. Like thanking Think Tank maybe, or then again room for improvements maybe. Loads la. So one by one we had to stand up to say something la. Just something.

It was also nice that for once, none of us had stress on our minds. We were just there at the table as friends having a nice dinner. Talking about stuff and just enjoying ourselves.

Then came the exchange of gifts. Oh gosh it was such joy and fun and laughter. We went insane. =) My secret santa was Jali and he got me this really cute doll house like house that lights up. It was so cool!! I loved my gifts. There were some funny moments too.. Like when Pete got a Hello Kitty Handphone casing from AB and loads more..

The came the lucky draw sessions. There were so many lucky draw prizes alright. A travel voucher, Flat Screen TV, iPhone 4, RM2,000, RM1,000 and loads more. So you see.. Pat won the iPhone 4 for me. *Lucky Him* Then I won the Flat Screen TV but....... I decided to give the Flat Screen TV away so that the next person who wins it can use it.. I mean what's the use of the flat screen TV anyways? Give it to the other colleagues who have worked just that hard too.. And thank fully Kak Nur won the TV. Yeah!

So yeah, we had a fun and wonderful time as you can see.

I got the iPhone 4 that night. 32 GB and also i need to say Thank You to Maurice for the phone too!! Thanks MOE! =)