Big Fat Bird - Macking

Sorry this blog took a long time. Went to this place called Big Fat Bird - Macking for lunch with the Fiance few months back. Before Christmas actually. And they deserve to be famous! =)

Oh my goodness, forgive me if I forget the name of the food I had. I completely forgot some. But I shall tell you.. It's oh so yummy!! The place is really clean, and it has a pretty western feel to it too!! I love how it felt so homey there too. And the service was exquisite!

Oh and the best part. Choose your scones, buns or cakes. It all looks so yummy. But unfortunately my stomach could only handle the few yummy-ness they provided.. =(

Now, let's begin with the drinks. I had a Latte. The Fiance as usual had his cup of I don't know what that is.. =p Sorry Yoke Tee if your reading. But the drink... *slurps* YUMMY! And I hardly blog about the drink!!

This is the Fiance's Drink.

This was my CARAMEL LATTE! *slurps* The best part.. It came with these yummy shortbread.. Oh so yummy!! ps: All of the food are all made by the owner's wife!! How multi talented is she!!!

The best meal so far for me from there was the Pumpkin Soup.

Look at the Fiance enjoying his soup.. He literally finished all my soup!!! *ugh* I wanted to have another bowl of soup, but oh well.. The tummy was loaded.

The Main Meals. Oh to die for! The Pasta was insane!! It was so creamy and delicious!! I loved every bite of it!!

The Fiance ordered and sandwich and it was huge I tell you!! So yummy and huge!! He finished the whole plate. The worst part, I could not finish my pasta but he finished it!! *ish*

See the thing was, I was supposed to be there to fix my computer or then again to get a new computer.. And I got the yummiest brunch ever at the same time too. ps: They fix mac's there too!! =)

So if your looking for a place for lunch, or a nice place to just have a cup of tea.. Head over to Big Fat Bird - Macking located at Damansara Intan!

I highly recommend this place!!


Eric said...

This post makes me want to eat there. The mood seems light, the companionship fun, and food tasty.