My great Grandfather has 2 roads named after him.

I'm not sure if you guys know this, but my grandmother is from Johor. A small town called Segamat. So recently, one of my cousins Romeo got married on New Years Day so the whole family decided to attend the wedding all the way at Batu Pahat. (Some where in Johor, don't ask me where!)

I have a very sensitive nose. When there is dust. I tend to start sneezing away, and as usual, after the nose leak and all the head starts tohurt A LOT! So Uncle Daniel's car... Dear Dear Uncle Daniel whois so afraid of dirt in his car... he did not clean the insides of his car so obviously me and poor cousin Joel got caught up sneezing away! It was insane!! I had to use a my shawl cover up my nose and Joel had to sit in the other car. (we went in 2 cars) Do you see how weird I look. I look like I was ready for a Harley Ride instead!!

The funny thing about Johor roads is when you want to go in the small towns you have to enter Muar and use the 'old highway' which is like a one way road and all you see are rubber trees, palm oil trees... roads... trees... If I was driving I'd be dead by now. So as usual I was Aunt Joyce's co pilot and had to keep her awake. To entertain myself.. Thank God for iPhone.

By the time we got to my uncles house.. I was literally having backside cramps. It was insanely painful I tell you!! Stomachs were growling, we were all tired. Driving to Johor and especially Batu Pahat is so not fun ok!! So ended up at the grooms house. (Cousin Romeo was all dressed up in shorts and all, and his wife came much later all dressed up) Tea ceremony began. See, this is my grandmother's sisters grandson. But unfortunately the only one leftin my grandmother's side of the family is her youngest sister (my grandaunt) and her sister in law (my other grandaunt) So they had to give 'ang pow' go read up google or wikipedia for explanations. And mom and Aunty Helena were the oldest among all the cousins, so they too had to give 'ang pow'. (That's cousin Romeo and his new wife, mom and Aunty Helena in the picture)

Now, let me just explain something. Of course everybody wants a big bang for their wedding. I know i would too. But this wedding was just one of a kind I tell you!! They had Mickey and Minnie mouse walk them in!!!!!!! Are you kidding me?? I shall leave with the question marks.

Anyways, it was a beautiful wedding.

Now, the next day we decided to pay a little visit to Grandma's hometown and have lunch there. That place was full of memories. Too full of memories. I was told that my great grandfather had 2 roads named after him. Now, as the great grandchild of course it was a must to visit the road.

It was a looooonnnngggg stretch of straight road!! My goodness!! Butto stand at that road and hear the stories being told about my great grandfather.. I was touched and honored to have that surname and that tattoo on my wrist.

Just look at my diva cousin sister.. *argh* She's just too cute to not blog about her!!

We had lunch at grandpa's favorite place. Some fried noodles. Yummy as can be.. But johor, the place where my grandparents were brought up, Segamat the place where my grandparents fell in love. *awwwww* I would go back there again. I think it's good that we realize that in many parts of the world we have cousins all over. And it's good to keep in touch with them. =) It's good to still have them in our hearts.

Anyways, congrats to cousin Romeo and his new bride. =) If you guys wanna see more pics just visit it on my Facebook page.