Nail Tutorial: Cherry Blossoms

Hey guys,

Chinese New Year is around the corner! So excited! So I decided to try this nail art. It's pretty common and since it's Chinese New Year, all the more it fit the theme. =)

So let's begin with of course...

1. Base Coat
- I have currently switched to using OPI's base coat and it has actually improved my nails a lot!

2. Red Color.
- Now, the color red during CNY is a big deal! It says to be good luck and brings more wealth.

3. White Dots
- Using the dotting tool, dot on the flower petal. 5 dots to be exact, drag the dot to the middle section creating the flower look.

4. Yellow and Black
- Using the dotting tool, dot on yellow dot in the middle of the flower. Creating an interesting color to it. Now, using the black to draw on the branches. Make it interesting. The lines do not have to be straight. But be creative.

5. Now, use a lighter red to add an affect to your cherry blossom. To make it stand out even more. =) And once your done apply the Top Coat and allow it to dry.

I have a habit of not cleaning up my nails, so this is my messy nails. =) Anyways, here's the CNY nails. Happy Chinese New Year!