Nail Tutorial: Rainbow Cracks (OPI Shatter)

I love colors in my life. I think colors tend to make me feel better in many ways. Especially now cause lately it's been quite gloomy. Forgive me if the pictures seem dark, I did my nails at night then and was too lazy to get some light for a better picture.

Anyways, this was a way fun to do nail art. Oh! And this is also one of my OPI Shatter nail art Tutorial!

Theses are the things you need. Base Coat, White, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple. OPI Shatter and Top Coat. Just looking at that got me excited to do my nail art. =)

- Base Coat
Buy it, use it. Makes your nails stronger in many ways! =)

- White
You see, some colors when we paint them on our nails it's a complete different color all together so to bring out the color. I painted my nails white so that the color could appear nicer.

- Pink
Using the pink I started to draw lines. =) Now your lines need not be perfect.

- Orange
Right below your Pink, draw on Orange lines.

- Yellow
After Orange, paint Yellow stripes!

- Green
Dab on Green stripes.

- My favorite color of all. Now draw on some blue stripes.

- Violet more like. *aaaahh* Whatever color it is so long as it looks purple! Ha ha. =p

-OPI Shatter
After letting your nails fry for about 5 - 10 minutes apply on the OPI Shatter. And Shatter AWAY!

- Top Coat
And your done! Layering it with a Top Coat to add on that extra dash of shine to it. =)

I just love the colors.. And even without painting on proper stripes of colors.. It still looks nice. =) Pat on the back once again. =)

So colorful. So tell me what you think of it? Nice? Love it?? Let me know. Oh and I promise there will be more OPI Shatter nail art coming along too!!