Nail Tutorial: Spongebob Squarepants

Let's not lie. We all love cartoons. My favorite cartoon of all is of course the one and only cute yellow spongy thing. Spongebob. =)

Now this nail art was a bit hard create, and it was messy too. So take time to create this nail design now.

1. Base Coat

2. Paint your Ring Nail all Yellow. (Now that's Spongebob) The rest ofyour nails... Paint the end of the nails not the tip.. The end of the nails white. It does not have to be neat. But so long as there is a little bit of white there. For a gradient effect.

3. Using a blue blend it white the white.. Once again, this is a messy job. So it is ok if it looks so messy. I mean the sea is not that perfect after all.

4. Using a dark shade of green.. Paint the tip or the remaining nails. Blend it in. Once again, this nail art too does not need to be perfect.

5. Glitter! I added a shimmer on this nail art just so the glitter looks a bit like bubbles underwater. so do get some glitter and paint it on your gradient background.

6. Using a Pink or a Lavender colored. Draw on some flowers and some jelly fishes. We all know Spongebob loves jelly fishing.

7. Spongebob's Eyes. Using a white and a dotting tool dot on the eyes for Spongebob. And then later on using a black draw around Spongebob's eye balls and his very famous lashes. =)

8. Using the same yellow that you coated Spongebob we need to make his nose and cheeks effect so in between his eyes dab a yellow. And at the corner of his eyes too dab on for his cheeks.

9. Using a black draw his smiley face. And using a white paint the tip of your nails that's his famous squarepants outfit. =)

10. Using a brown paint the tip of nails and also a line on his cheek as his cheekbones. And then using the dotting tool dot on Sponge's effect on his sponge. Use the white to draw his famous teeth and a little bit of red for his tie.

11. Use a Top Coat and your done! It's messy, and hard but the end result was pretty much interesting. =)

I gave myself a pat on my back after looking at this. =) I did pretty ok. For a first timer. =) And I loved it. I hope you spongebob fans have a great time creating this nail piece too.