Nikudo Seafood

Food has been lately a must to blog about lately. I think I have had my fair share of yummy food to talk about. *slurps*

So the other day, Aunt and I decided to meet for lunch. We decided to just go around SS2 PJ for lunch. Of course, that place is like food heaven and all. So it was pretty easy for us to decide where to eat for lunch at the end of the day.

We decided to try out this place called Nikudo Seafood.

A new place to us, and of course it was packed! The place claims to say that they sell the most freshest seafood. And they were ever so right! *slurps* The waiter first gave us the menu, we got to select our own noodles and what we wanted along with our noodles. What varieties of fish balls, meat balls, sotong balls, and yeah seafood stuff.

Cousin Joey had seafood noodles. She had huge prawns in it alright!

As usual Aunt and I always love Tom Yam, so when Tom Yam soup was one of the selections.. Immediately we ordered that. Just that our noodles were different. And also the different balls. Ha ha.

I decided to try something different. To try wan tan noodles with Tom Yam. Surprisingly it was yummy!! I think I would order the same thing the next time I'm there. I also ordered special sotong balls in my tom yam noodles. LOOK AT IT! How huge it is!! I loved it!!

I ordered the sour plum drinks.

The best part, we had 1 free ball of all the different kind of fish balls and whatever balls they served. It was insanely yummy.

So I'm recommending you folks to head over to SS2 and look for Nikudo Seafood Restaurant to try them out!! Their yummy..