SOA - Harley to Genting Highlands

Hey guys, sorry for the late blog posts and what nots. Been insanely busy with loads of traveling surprisingly. *teehee* As usual, harley rides seem to be conquering my life. =)

Oh and of course moving houses too.

So anyways, back to the tittle of the blog post. =) Harley Ride to Genting Highlands. Just got back from Batu Pahat few days ago before the ride. Was exhausted. But you know to never say no to Harley Rides.

It was insanely cold to be going on a ride to Genting Highlands. The rain and all. Was intense and all cold weather was not much of a help at all. But oh well, before we headed off to Ko Samui, it was a must to train the 'young ones' to ride to Genting first. And it was insanely so much fun.

As usual, I was once again a baby sitter. The annoying part was that I wished that sometimes Genting Highlands had like less people! Especially during the holiday seasons! It's so messed up!! The lines for rides were just too long. People were getting agitated. Everybody was pushing and shoving. Brought out the bad personalities in loads of parents there.

Anyways, the ride was wet and fun. For more pictures of the rides.. Clickety Here.