Gey Lang Lor - SS2

I am honestly NOT a fan of frogs leg! *ugh* But the other day, the family decided to still insist on having dinner there. But let me just say one thing. This is the ONLY place I will eat the frogs!

Now, I know like many of you.. I have this fear of eating weird animal meat and all. Especially frogs! Like the story of the Princess and the Frog. I vowed in my life, NEVER WILL I KISS A FROG! It's just gross I tell you!! Gross!! So of course, with the picture of a frog in my head. And the weird bone structure of the frog, i was so not looking forward to it. At all! Look at this frog and tell me each time you eat Frog Meat, you are eating this small little creature. And tell me honestly, do you not find that Yuck?! ANYWAYS..

It became a challenge and a dare. My family members all dared me to try one. *sigh* I had no choice, there was no meat, there was loads of veggie. And everybody knows I hate my vegs. Reluctantly I took a bite of the Spicy Frog Meat. I know I nearly puked but I kept telling myself.. It's chicken, it's chicken. And managed to swallow it. To my surprise.. It was tasty!!

When I was a kid, the old folks would say that frog meat would take out heat from your body. (I'm half chinese by the way, so there are a lot of chinese old people talk on my blog.) So Ah Ma used to feed me frog porridge but I'd vomit them all out. It was slimy! And scary! But this.. This was different. It was not at all slimy! It was nice! And yummy!

I'm not sure if we're supposed to eat it with porridge all the time. But each time my family seem to eat it with porridge. And seriously the Gey Lang Lor served really yummy porridge too!! So it's a must try.

Ok so less about the frog. Now the veggie. My (sarcasticly saying) favorite dish of all.

But then again, I'm not trying to diss this place. But the food is nice. Give credit to them for not at least having the frog slime on it. =) And honestly, this is the only place I dared to eat the frog meat. But not for the faint hearted of course. So head over to SS2 PJ a Restaurant called Gey Lang Lor. It seems that it's famous all over Singapore and Malaysia and Indonesia too!! So do try out this place if you really fancy frog meat.