Going Green

I'm pretty excited about this blog post. I think it's about time that Malaysia realizes that we need to do our part in saving our planet, our home, our earth. Today, the boss announced in the office that weneed to recycle and go green. We need to learn how to not use plastic. (It's about time.) Malaysia, it's time to RECYCLE!!

Come to think of it, have you realized how much plastic bottles we have used and wasted? Do you know how much newspapers we've readand thrown it out without recycling it? Or that long piece of A4 paper, we see no use for it anymore and we just throw it out? When you do our normal grocery shopping, every single plastic bag you use is hard to be recycled? Do you all see? The daily usage in our lives, we actually DO NOT DO our part in recycling. And one day, our rivers or our hometowns our 7 seas will end up looking like this....

How are we supposed to move around? Think about it, if one day the amount of trash equals to the size of our planet? We'll be freaking walking around garbage and trash! Do you want to live in a society like that?

Another thought for you. That mineral bottle that you guy, that Starbucks cup you hold, that plastic Tupperware you throw out after your take away lunch. If you actually count the amount of plastics you throw away.. You'd shock yourself somehow.

Look at the amount of plastic that ONE man is carrying. I bet you it's not HIS trash, but.. look at the amount of trash WE USE!! Do you see that?! Ok so imagine if your working at the dump disposable place. It's way worst. Look!!

Look at this picture! Dude is surrounded with trash all over! That's a heck load of trash there don't you think so?! So now, imagine if every single corner of the dump disposable place is too full where will our trash go?!

Our planet is already polluted. Mother nature is starting to show her anger and distraught for the things we have done to her Earth. Slowly natural disaster is starting to change our home. So it's time people, it's time we save our own planet. Our home.

It's in our hands.. To save our Home.