Guys & Dolls

So excited about this blog post. Before I say more, allow me to congratulate my dear friend Monica on the opening of her new Hair Salon GUYS & DOLLS Today!!! *woot woot* So happy for her!! Finally a life long dream come true for Monica. =)

Few days ago, the Fiance and I decided to pay a visit to Monica's new place. I desperately needed a hair cut too. I've been dying to get my hair cut short ever since work started to be insane. The time and trouble to take care of the short hair is pretty hard. *sigh* So all the more it was a must to head over to Guys & Dolls. I loved the whole concept of this place.. It looked so AMAZING!!

Oh and let's talk about the wall. This wall was hand painted by Monica's stepbrother. How cool and beautiful it looks!! I so like!! Mon, ask your brother if can do for my future house ar?! Ha ha.

Oh, and in case the place is full.. You get a really comfy area to wait for your turn. Look at the fiance lazing around while waiting for me.

Oh I do have to stress this out... You know sometimes you want to go to a nice place that has really good head massage.. I found it at Guys & Dolls. I so love!! Seriously, it's so relaxing and fun to get your washed and a nice massage too! *double love*

For the first time, Fiance also decided to try it out. He so love the massage. It's written all over his face! Hah!

The hair wash was so worth it!! I shall return there soon.. *teehee* This shall be my new favorite salon. *loves* Mon gave me a straight blow. (sounds wrong) But the point is.. She made my hair short and there's not much fuss with it! I double double love!

So after the whole hair cut, wash and blow. I told Mon.. Time to take a picture for a blog!! It's a must. Ha ha.. And we did.. *snaps*

I absolutely love my hair now, and absolutely love the new shop too!! *loves loves* Insanely in Love!! Thank you Mon!!!

See, the thing about me.. Working in a production house, I have limited time to take care of my hair. I have limited time to fix my curls and all.. So I told Mon to style me hair with something simple. And she did.. It's so easy to style my hair now!! Just wash, comb and let dry... *so in love*

Anyways, DEAR MONICA!! Congrats on your big opening today!! So happy and excited for you!!! Loads of love..