Nail Tutorial: Simple Wedding Nail Art

My Uncle's getting married this weekend!! *weeeeeeeeee* So excited, so I decided to get my nails done before I forget. I know, it's not my wedding.. But hey, all the more reason for me to get a wedding nail art tutorial right? I went online to do a research on which nail art to do.. and found this...

Let me just explain, my saree that I have to wear is all blinged up. We're all asked to wear blinged up sarees. I went crazy looking for all the blinged up nails. Thank goodness I found this.. =) So if any of you are getting married and wanna save on medi.. Here's how to get this look.

1. Base Coat.
- Very important!

2. Plain Skin Base Color
- I used a skin tone color as the base, and only painted a layer so it looks more natural.

3. White French Tips
- Use a white to paint the tip of your nails creating a french look.

4. Gold Beads.
- Using the dotting tool, apply some gold beads following your french tip. This takes a lot of patience, so take your time making it look nice! If your nail polish dries fast, apply a layer of top coat so that your beads stay on.

5. Apply some crystal beads.
- At the bottom of the gold beads, apply the crystal beads. Oh apply a small bead right above your gold beads. But put somewhere in the middle of your nail.

6. Pearls!
- After the crystal beads, apply on a row of pearls. To add on that extra glam look. Oh and I almost forgot, at the top of the gold beads, where the crystal stone is, apply 1 gold bead above it..

7. Top Coat and your done!
- Apply your top coat and your done! So simple!

See, now my nails will match my normal days and also my blinged up saree.. =) I so love this, note to self.. Maybe this should be my wedding nails too? =p