Room Eighteen @ Tropicana Shopping Centre

It was my first time exploring the shopping centre underneath my new condo. =) Found this nice place called Room Eighteen. Love it loads.

They served us appetizer first. I didn't know what it was at first. Till I took a bite. Fried Fu Chock and Fried Taufu with Long Beans and Cherry Tomatoes. Totally Yums!

Ordered the Soya Cincau drink. I seem to love that drink a lot. =) Did you know that they also call it Michael Jackson because it's 'Black and White'? Ha ha..

Now the best part of all. Pork!! *double yumms* I ordered the Trio Platter. It was so yumms I tell you! There was choices of Roasted Pork, Char Siew Pork and Duck Meat. Tasty like mad I tell you!!

Can't really remember what the Fiance ordered. He loved his dish loads and never shared it with me. =( Selfish.

Anyways, Room Eighteen. I highly recommend you guys to eat at this place. Unfortunately this is a Non Halal place. But highly recommended to all of you reading this. =) Enjoy!
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