Underwear Ads

You have no idea how shitty I feel after seeing all the celebrities in the underwear Ads. Why oh why do they use such HOT figures to pose for their brands? Oh good gosh. Just makes all the rest of us short, weird figured, tall, fat, obnoxious feel even more f**ked up right?!

Those who were never famous before are all being famous now for all the beautiful sexy, steamy, HOT lingerie shoots! For example. GeorgeClooney's tight squeeze Ms. Elisabetta Canalis. She's making a name for herself in ROBERTO CAVALLI'S LINGERIE Shoot!! She's steaming HOT thus the reason why George Clooney still dating her.

And there is Zoe Saldana. The Avatar babe as many of us may know it. Come on, I can bet you right after Avatar she got her fame from that movie of course for being a weird alien and all dressed in some forest created attire.. Bet you Calvin Klein imagined her as the tall blue creature thus asking her to be his model for his Calvin Klein's Envy Ad.

And of course, SOMEONE FROM TWILIGHT has to be in a underwear ad. Kellan Lutz, the vampire dude. Calvin Klein must be a smart fella in terms of marketing pulling all the famous faces to be his latest model in his underwear series.

And now, a lot of guys when crazy over this next star. Ms. Megan Fox from Transformers. Good gosh, the amount of boys who went crazy when they saw her picture on Emporio Armani! Good gosh, tell me you man did not drool at all! Lie and tell me that! How much shittier and fat can I feel wei!!

Every underwear ad, there has to be a athlete. How can we female species ever forget dear David Beckham in just his underwear. Are you kidding me?! Even Ellen Degeneres went insane on the Ellen Show regarding Beckham's packs! *Ooooohhh*

And of course.. His wife Victoria Beckham has to be in the same Giorgio Amarni Ad as him. If not.. No deal right? I think both husband and wife just wanted to prove to the world that even with 3 kids they still have an insanely HOT bodies! Yes yes..

Sex kitten Dita Von Tesse has got her name out there for the most sexiest curves ever. The old school curves if I may say. Dear Lord, if you would please just help me mold my curves to hers I'd be the happiest person in the world.

A hip hop star of course picked by Diddy himself Nelly was used as a model for Sean John Underwear advert. I mean, look at THOSE abs. Now, look at your boyfriend's, husband's or fiance's same?! Tell me what you see totally NOT THESE ABS right?!

Poor Maggie Gyllenhaal has many times been in the bad press about her fashion and all. But let's see what you critics have to say about her picture now! In your face!! She's totally HOT!! I'm telling you!! Look at that picture and tell me she's not. You liars!!

For once in our lives we have definitely been called fat. Ms. Jennifer Love Hewitt went through that path before. But proved all the paparazzo's wrong! And if I may stress.. Fat is beautiful too ok! Stupid Paparazzi.

And here's the final one. Ms. Eva Mendes looking insanely HOT for again Calvin Klein advert. Wonder how much Calvin Klein actually pays them to be on his adverts?

Now, can someone please tell me.. Are all normal human beings supposed to look this sizzling HOT!? I don't understand why in the world can't they use someone who is normal looking? Prove to the world that there are many more beautiful women out there in the REAL WORLD. Why not use them? Instead of paying that huge amount of cash to the celebs.