Digital Harinezumi 2

Finally!! I've been dying to lay my hands on this small little gadget for the longest time. Big shout out of gratitude to Intan!! THANKS BABE! Got this gadget from her. =)

What is harinezumi? It's the smallest and cutest little camera that takes pretty interesting and creative pictures. It's sort of a small lomography camera. I think. Yet to be creative with the pictures soon.

Since lately, I've been an insane photography person. I decided why not? Try this little thing out. Right? It's so adorable, easy to carry. And every now and then I seem to be traveling a lot. Why not just carry along this small thing right?

I love the small little prints on the camera too. A cute flower and a little hedgehog. Total cuteness.

Now the best part about buying this whole set is that the card reader it self is like a USB pen drive. And it too also has some cute fancy print on it. So does the memory card!! Total cuteness!!

The sucky part. The battery. Do you have any idea how hard it is to look for this battery?! *faints* But oh well, can't complain much can I? I should be thankful that I finally got to lay my hands on this small little gadget.

So do stay tuned to my blog, cause I should be posting pictures from this small little Digital Harinezumi soon! =)