Nail Tutorial: Abstract Nail Art

This is my first time attempting to do this nail art. I've always wanted to learn to do this, but never managed to get it done. I realized, this is the most easiest nail art to do. Even if it looks pretty hard, it's fun to do!

1. Base Coat
- Always always apply base coat!

2. Light Color
- Now, there is no certain way to do this. So long as it looks like it has patches all over.

3. Next Color
- The next color you find does not need to be covering up all the space, instead just blot on wherever you want.

4. Keep adding Colors
- The whole point about this is that you don't have to be neat. You can be as messy as can be. The patterns do not have to be the same at all.

5. Add on colors till you cover your whole nail.
- Like I said, not all nails are supposed to be the same. So go ahead and finish up your nails.

6. Thin brush and black acrylic paint.
- Paint on lines and dots. It does not have to be neat or perfect at all.

7. White Acrylic
- Following what you did with the black acrylic paint paint on more strips and dots. Creating the abstract look.

8. Top Coat
- And your done!!

It's so simple right? It's meant to be messy, thus it being called Abstract! =) Have fun making a messy nail art!