Nail Tutorial: Girlie Rocker.

I love rock, and sometimes to get a certain nail art to fit my mood is pretty frustrating. Especially when I get too emo and suddenly wanna be a rockstar. Can't make up my mind. Or suddenly have a girlie time with my babes. *sigh* The limited time I have to dress my nails. =p So I did this nail art, a little girlie / rocker look.

1. Base Coat
- Always remember Base Coat!

2. Blue
- Splat on blue nail polish. Now it does not have to be neat so don't worry about it. I also was too lazy to do all my nails so I painted my pointer blue too. =)

3. Purple
- Using the purple start to blend in with the blue. Once again, no need to be perfect. Messy would do. It's the color that makes you look a little girlie. I also painted my tall finger purple. =)

4. Rocker Pink
- Now with this girlie color fill up the gaps creating a camouflage look. Also I painted my last finger pink.

5. OPI Shatter
- Using the OPI Shatter paint a layer on top of your polished nail. Creating a more rocker, edgier look.

6. Top Coat
- Using a top coat, finish off the look on your nail.

7. Clean the sides!
- Now I'm a messy painter. =p So cleaning the sides was a must. I used cotton buds to clean up the sides. There, don't it look much nicer now?

So girlie / Rocker look. I kinda like it at the moment. =) So my dear babes, let's hang out soon! Ha ha!