Ink Number 5.

Last week, I got myself a new Ink. Well, actually Ink number 5. *Woohoo* I think I have recently developed a craze for tattoos. It scares me that I have already started to plan for tattoo 6 and 7 already. Can you believe it?

Back to the tattoo. I went back to Kevin from Black Cat Studios at Sunway Pyramid. His amazing! I put full trust in him when it comes to getting my tattoo, and I'm just happy to say that I'm happy I finally got to right time to get the tatt from Kevin. Because well, we've been like missing a lot of time and all to get this tattoo done. Ha ha. Sorry Kevin.

So this time, this tattoo is a dedication to my little brother Clarence. I hate being away from him. I hate that i have to miss out his childhood because I need to be an adult and work all the time. I wanted that ink to remind me how much I've missed my little brother's growing because of work, because I wanted to be an adult. I've missed out a lot because of me being selfish in life.

So last year, I asked my brother to choose 2 of his favorite toys and took pictures of it and sent it to Kevin. My brother asked for his favorite dinosaur and his favorite hot wheels car and his name on my tattoo.. So do please tell me, which female tattoos on a car or a dinosaur on themselves? It's pretty rare ain't it? So all the more I felt so special to have this tattoo.

The ink was beautiful I love it so much! The colors, the shading. Everything about it was perfect. And of course when Clarence saw it, he immediately called me and said he loved it so much. I loved it so very much too. =) A special shout out of thanks to Kevin for such and amazing tattoo and to Clarence for being so creative with the tattoo ideas. And of course to Amelia and Kim for being there with me, letting me grab them while I went through each drill and each sweat.

So the plan begins for tattoo number 6.